67 thoughts on “Chapter 33.2: The Legendary Trash Spirit (2)

  1. Really do enjoy this. Keep it up. You are making some folks happy I bet

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  2. Can someone give me a link to raw chapters ? Allen is really fast but i am really curious about what kind of things are going to happen.


  3. Allen, as always thanks for the uploads. I think you should keep up the work as you see fit, no deadlines or timelines. I get what you mean about it not being enjoyable if you feel pressured to do it by a certain time/date.
    Nevertheless, thank you for the constant uploads, cheers mate.


    1. Could also give me link to the raws if possible


  4. so his wimpy snake combined with dark spirt?and now he defeated blue dragon now fing is now his partner


  5. Well looks like I was wrong about the snake might be a dragon bit. Ill keep throwing out ideas as things come up. Who knows maybe the snake/dragon/serpent distinction may be needed in the future. Looking forward to the Snow Moon Academy arc. Great work.


  6. I miss something, what happen to mo xie and the rest, where they go, why lin feng all alone with demon beast


  7. I wonder what prompted that fact of the day?


  8. Who the fuck is kung lao? Which ch is he in?


    1. the one incharge of the bells


  9. Appreciate your work very much and thank you! Also thanks for the extra facts at the end, ithas helped give better understanding.


  10. Han Man knows that he completed the test but not that he rang the bells. Don’t think he heard them where he was.


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