76 thoughts on “Chapter 34.1: Po Jun (1)

  1. I was wonderingvif there are any requirements for the snake spurut linfeng has when absorbing the first soul beast, i mean linfeng now meet with the python which is second soul layer, why not absorb it too? Or its only when snake spirit woke up? (So its just like it snapped when linfeng almost died and make the beast its slave lol)


    1. I was thinking the same thing. what are the odds man :T


    2. Maybe he need to weaken the python first. We need to read next chapter to know that. I cant wait XD


      1. If memory serves me right, the reason is simple:
        Right now, he can only own a single demonic-beast as a ‘spirit’. Consuming the Python will get rid of the Illusion-demon, which there’s absolutely no reason to do so, as the illusion-demon’s abilities are incredible.


    3. The Phyton is a demon beast, not a spirit beast, I think


  2. Can someone tell me is the raws release date is daily or weekly


  3. reread 3 to 4th times to wait your new release. How addicted i am.


    1. Haha i’m the only one doing it, we’re same lol. This manga indeed is very addicting.


      1. *I thought I’m the only one re-reading it.


  4. Im thinking how LinFeng can kill this elder? LinFeng not yet enter inner student, not mention core student. This elder, is untouchable?


    1. If you are really interesting so so much: Read Novel. There are already 2400+ chapters (not sure, but I read it one site) and 809 free chapters translated to english (officially). You can estimate that every 2 chapters of novel as one full (34,1 + 34,2 + 34,3 for exemple) chapter of manhua.

      But their basics princip is: Some guy(s) call Ling Feng trash, Ling Feng give them a killing blow or destroy their reputation, increasing his fame to a super hero/gineus at the same time, something unpredicted happen, Ling Feng got to retreat +drama, go to new location, find new people and friends, became stronger and than again some stupid guy(s) call himm trash, again he do something incredible… near infinity cycle. All this with a romantic line(s).


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