339 thoughts on “Chapter 40.3: How Shallow (3)

  1. thank you allen(^o^)/

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  2. Thx, i really dont want to go searching for other translators and the such so i stick with one page until it dies. im grateful to have found you so please dont leave unless you trully dont like this anymore, i understand that so for now, thanks for all of thi and for the future as well.

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  3. You’re awesome Allen. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Please don’t let these dudes get to you.

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  4. thanks allen dont let the ungrateful users bog you down~ im sure most of them are young kids who dont know any better… sadly that was me when i was 8 or so years old not understanding how the world works

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  5. I want you to know some of us read every author page you write. Keep up the work, man.

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  6. Ignore the trolls Allen. Thanks for the release!

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  7. thx for all your hard work mate, enjoy how clean the images are and the format of charging one sub chapter at a time !

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  8. Haha… i even have read for chapter 800+ on webnovel version…. well, at least i could say good luck for next work Allen

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  9. nuuuu super god allen dont leave you’re the only one to have balls, knowledge and a funny sense of humour

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  10. NO! Allen we all read the notes! it’s the ‘TRASH’ that don’t 😅… DON’T LEAVE US!… please?


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